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Single-wall polyethylene pipes

Single-wall polyethylene pipes

Single-wall polyethylene pipes

Single-wall polyethylene pipe

Khavaran Plastic Co., Shahriar has three single-wall pressurized water supply and irrigation lines with an annual production capacity of 3,500.
DIN8074 and ISO9001: 2008 The company’s single-pane tube is manufactured according to the national standard 2-14427, which is a 110-in-1, 110-to-high, or as per customer’s order. Consumables for producing PE100 pipes and PE80. The unique characteristics of polyethylene pipes have increased the use of this product globally in comparison with other products, and today the wide use range of these pipes is not covered by anyone and will not be .

Advantages of single-wall polyethylene pipe

– Resistance to breakage and impact
– Desired operation at defined work pressures for 50 years and above
– Very favorable sealing
– No change in color, smell and taste in drinking water
– Very lower thermal conductivity compared to metal pipes
– High resistance against corrosive agents and no need for cathodic protection
– Excellent resistance to earthquake and earthquake pressures, especially at the sea level
– Ability to weld pipe to pipe and other fittings
– Ultraviolet resistant
– Has a smooth, polished surface that improves the work efficiency

Single-wall polyethylene pipes:

– Urban and rural water supply networks

– Irrigation and drip irrigation networks under pressure

– Gas networks Drainage networks of mobile irrigation systems

– Electrical and telecommunication cables coverage

– Coating of metal pipes

– Ventilation channels

– Industrial Fluid and Sewage System


Iran - Tabriz - Shahid Salimi Town

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